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Quick question…

Have you ever found yourself clicking a link, and then before you know it you’re at the end of a sales video that’s offering you a product you weren’t even thinking about 2 minutes ago, yet now you’re 100% convinced in your own mind that you need this product now?

And then you happily enter your credit card info to buy?

It’s ok, it’s happened to me too ;)

Rest assured that did not happen by chance.

The owner of that site knew EXACTLY what they were doing…

* They knew how to capture your attention

* They knew how to persuade your thoughts

* They knew how to get you to buy

Brian and Dean - Deadly ARTThis is referred to as ‘The Deadly Art of Persuasion,’ and sadly few on the planet possess this phenomenal power.

But rest assured as long as there were men to lead and women to seduce, this power has been around since the beginning of time.

You want to learn it?


FINALLY, a dear friend of mine,  Brian Fanale,  who’s been mastering this persuasion skill-set for 9 years wants to teach you how to master the Art of Persuasive Copywriting so you can become a more effective marketer and make more sales in your sleep!

He’s got a webinar coming up this Wednesday April 9th at 9 PM EST that won’t cost you a dime PLUS he’s giving away 3 ‘mini-coaching’ copywriting tutorials leading up to Wednesday night!

* The dude owns one of the biggest internet marketing training platforms in our industry

* The guy has done MILLIONS of dollars in sales thru his persuasive sales copy

* Over 100,000+ people have been “sold” and bought at least ONE of his products (yah, his stuff converts)

This is going to be INSANE! Get this while you can IF you have any desire to become a more effective and higher paid internet marketer!

I’ll see you this Wednesday, April 9th at 9 PM EST:


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