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sharengine-social-backgroundWhat Is Sharengine And How Can It Help You?

Sharengine is the missing link between relevant content and affiliate traffic but the coolest thing is this, the referring affiliate actually gets credit for sharing the content.

With Sharengine you can do this. Let me explain what it is and how it works.

Sharengine – What Can You Use It For?

Let’s say you have team members in a particular program, My Lead System Pro for example. You have a team under you and you have a blog with tons of relevant content. You install Sharengine on your blog and your team members are allowed to share your content with their own affiliate links embedded in the content.

Your team members will be able to share your content through the Sharengine tab to anywhere they want to. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and more. Once they share the content, when someone clicks on that link they will go back to your blog to read the content but when they go to click on the link in the content it has the referring affiliate’s links in the content.

Share the content and get the sale. PERIOD! It really is that easy.

It is a win win for everyone involved. The referring affiliate gets to share high quality relevant content with their audience. You as the leader of the team gets to supply your team with a tool that will help them get sales and sign ups. This will help with retention in your company or program.

Sharengine – How Does It Work?

Do you have a  blog and want to leverage your followers and monetize your blog?

Then Sharengine can help you do just that. You will be able to charge a monthly membership fee to anyone who wants to be able to share your content and get the affiliate sales from the content that they share.

It’s simple.

Share valuable content across the social media landscape and make money by doing it.

Plus when your content is getting shared you are getting lots and lots of love from the shares of all that content. The search engines are more and more looking at the actual social proof when they look at what is relevant content.

Now more than ever, and in the future, social proof for content is what you need to get ranked on the search engines.

Sharengine is what you need to do both ranking of your content and monetizing it.

Plus you get to help the retention of your team members by allowing them to share your content and get paid for it. Get them sales and they will believe it is real.

Here are 2 testimonials from a couple of company CEOs in the industry:

“I get excited when I see solutions that can help leaders take their business to the next level. I don’t endorse or recommend too many things out there, but Sharengine looks like it could radically change the way leaders leverage and monetize their blogs, and help tens of thousands of marketers across the globe make money by simply sharing valuable content across social media.”  Brian Fanale, CEO & Co-Founder MLSP


“Sharengine is the missing link between valuable content that’s relevant today and affiliate traffic where the referrer actually gets credit for simply sharing content. Social Media is the future of SEO and Sharengine is at the forefront of bringing massive social interaction to blogging while satisfying the discriminating palate of search engines today and for many tomorrows.” Jesse Jameson, CEO HeyNow Interactive.


Sharengine provides a cutting edge way for companies and content creators to affiliate and monetize their content using the power of their fans and social media. It truly is a win win for everyone.


For more information on Sharengine and how to get your account set up

contact me at


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