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What does it mean to own your own MLM business? It means you get to choose who you work with. You are the one making those decisions and not somebody else. So when you are mlm prospecting you are interviewing people to see if you want to work with them.

This is completely opposite mindset from corporate life where the company or your boss hires the people you are going to be working with.

You decide, do you want to work with desperate needy people who will take all of your time and resources and produce nothing? Or would you rather work with highly motivated and productive people.

MLM Prospecting – You Get To Pick Who You Work With

I know who I want to work with, but the choice is yours when you own your own MLM business.

When you’re mlm prospecting you should be like a talent scout. You should always be looking for people that will fit well with your business. The people who generally fit well into network marketing are those who communicate well and are self starters.

So if you see those types of people while you are either mlm prospecting or just in your everyday activities then you need to make a connection with them and start building that relationship.

Now when you are mlm prospecting and you begin to talk to people, if you listen carefully and ask the right questions then you will be able to quickly determine whether they are genuine and real or whether they are trying to fake you out. The ones who are trying to fake you out are the ones who are interested in only making money.

Don’t get me wrong we all want to make money but that is not the big resaon why people do things. They do things for deeper reasons than just financial. The money will allow you to do certain things but it is those certain things, whatever they may be, that is the reason you are looking for or already in the network marketing business.

MLM Prospecting – Get to the Real Reason

So if you are talking to a prospect and they only say they want to make a lot of money and you cannot get to their real reason then they are not ready yet. They are not at the point where their motivation is going to be self directed.

If they cannot get to their deep seated reason for making a huge life altering decision then they will fold at the first difficulty or challenge that they face, and you will be out all the time and effort you took to recruit and train them.

If you notice the people who end up dropping out are the ones you spent the most time with, and they drop out anyway. Because they were not ready and you did not catch that early enough. That may sound harsh but it is the truth. You want to recruit people who need no hand holding and can get going on their own.

Helping is not doing for them. As I have heard Mark Hoverson say, your downline should be taking 2 steps forward for every 1 step you take. In other words if they show initiative then you will help them out, but not before.

The point here is when you are mlm propspecting you want to figure out who you want to work with and keep your eyes out for those kind of people. You will be wildly successful when you find the right people to work with.

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